We are an Etabliertes Unternehmen aus dem Dentalbereich

MACHTDENTAL was founded in 1995 by Ralf Macht in Germany. Since 1975 he was gaining experience and expertise in the dental industry while working for several well known companies. After founding his own company he developed the professional cleaning devices together with specialized manufacturers.
Today, MACHTDENTAL has extensive business relationships and long-standing customers in Germany, Europe as well as in Asia.
Since November 2017, MACHTDENTAL now belongs to Otto Müller Herstellung pharmazeutisch-kosmetischer Erzeugnisse GmbH & Co, situated in Berlin. Otto Müller has been an expert in Oral Care and cosmetic products 1950 gegründete Unternehmen mit Sitz in Berlin ist Experte im Bereich Mundpflege und Kosmetik.